Abstract #19


Oil on canvas


60 x 80 cm


One of a kind work

Abstract brush strokes

Collection “Abstract paintings”. This captivating artwork emerges from a mesmerising exploration of lines, colours, and textures. The application of various techniques aims to evoke uplifting and vibrant emotions, inspiring a deep desire for contemplation and study of the painting.

Painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.

Mark Rothko

The dominant hues featured in this masterpiece are hues of blue, navy, green, and pink.

Red and blue artwork
Full artwork view

Techniques and Materials.

The artwork was created using a combination of palette knife and brush techniques, applying multiple layers of high-quality oil paints on eco-friendly canvas.

To ensure long-lasting preservation, a layer of premium, eco-friendly varnish has been carefully applied, serving as protection against harmful UV rays and dust.

This artwork is presented on stretched canvas, with the edges thoughtfully painted to create a finished look, making it ready to hang and display. The artwork bears the artist’s signature on the back and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring its genuine origin. Upon request, a signature can be provided on the front of the artwork as well.

Take a look at the painting details and close-up view to appreciate heavy brush strokes and texture of the artwork.

Oil painting close-up
paint streaks red and pink
Painting details and brush strokes

This piece would add a splendid touch to a wide range of interiors, from neutrals to vibrant and colourful spaces. Employ this artwork to introduce a vivid focal point into a monotonous interior, or to harmonise with the pre-existing blue and navy hues already present in walls or furniture.

Artwork in various interiors